Organizing Presets in a Folder Structure

Do you have a ton of presets in one long list? Good news! You can organize them into what we call "Collections", just like you would put files into folders on your computer. Just go to your Presets list, and tap the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the screen. At the bottom, you will see a button called "New Collection". Tap that, give it a clever name, and you're ready to start organizing!


Now, let's move some presets into that collection you just made. First, go back to your presets list and make sure you're in Edit mode. Second, select a few presets you want to move. Third, tap the "Move" button in the bottom toolbar. 


You'll be asked to choose your destination, so pick the collection you just created. You'll then be taken to that collection and should see the newly-relocated presets.



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