What happened to the flashbulb/strobe light feature for Philips bulbs?

Bad news on this one... Starting with the new bulbs released in November 2015, Philips removed the ability to strobe. Worse yet, Philips will be rolling out future firmware/software updates to remove the strobe feature entirely from older bulbs/bridges. This is very unfortunate (though not unexpected. “Strobe” was never officially supported, and Philips did warn about this on various forums). I was going to roll out an epic “strobe editor” for Halloween, probably doing everything you’d want, but decided against it, since the time invested would be wasted in the hardware stopped supporting it.
Unfortunately, I also get a lot of support requests (and one-star reviews) since people assume it’s a Lightbow problem, so needless to say, it’s complicated. I can go into more detail about why they may have done this from a technical standpoint, but from a consumer standpoint, I can say strobe features will soon be LIFX-only (also unofficial, but working at the moment!) and because that’s a minority of my user base, won’t be receiving any new strobe features until they demonstrate those bulb commands will be supported in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.
So to sum up, the only “strobe” in Lightbow right now is the optional “flashbulb” transition you can set for the beginning of a preset (not part of the loop), like on the “Police” preset in the starter pack. Future strobe features are on hold until I get some clarity from the hardware vendors on whether it’s worth investing in that feature set. 
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