Randomize Hue, Saturation, and Brightness Values in a Range

Sometimes it's more fun to leave things to chance, and with the randomization features in Lightbow's preset editor, you can add a whole new dimension to your lighting effects. When you're looking at the Color Controls for any assignment in your preset, you'll see sliders for things like hue, saturation, brightness, or color temperature, depending on what type of assignment you have selected. Normally, each of these just has a single value, like this:

For a little more variety, you can have Lightbow select a random value from a range of numbers, instead of the same value every time. There are two ways to activate this feature. You probably already found the randomization switch at the bottom of the color controls in the preset editor:

Switching this on will turn all of the sliders on that screen from single-value to ranges for randomization. If you want randomization on just one of the parameters, just double-tap any value knob or value range to toggle between the two. When randomization is turned on, you'll see a range of numbers instead of a single number, and the slider knob itself will expand into a rounded rectangle. You can drag either end of that rectangle to change the range, or drag the whole range round. For the "Hue" controls, we found it's nice to sometimes "wrap around" when you want a random blue/purple/red to be chosen each time. To do this, just make a range that's wide enough, then drag it far over to the left or right, and you'll see the start or end point snap around to the other side of the rainbow. Check out the "Anything but Green" preset in the Starter Pack for an example.

If you've been playing around with "Animation Steps" you may be wondering why you would ever want just a single animation step in a loop (instead of zero) and the answer is randomization! Here's an example of a color assignment that cycles to a random fire color every second:

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