Lightbow can't find my WeMo hardware

When your WeMo hardware doesn't appear in Lightbow it can be frustrating, especially when you just want to quickly turn some lights on or off and get back to your day! Here are a few things to try if Lightbow and WeMo aren't getting along well.

  • Are your WeMo devices running recent firmware? Belkin updates their device discovery code from time to time, changing the way your WeMo sockets, switches, and bridges identify themselves on the network. Try opening the WeMo app and going to More --> Settings & About --> Firmware Versions and see if it prompts you to upgrade. Sometimes this panel shows right when you open their app.
  • Try going to Lightbow's Settings tab, and tapping the menu icon on the right side of the top toolbar. You should see an option to rescan for Belkin hardware, and by the time you get back to your light list, everything should be there
  • It shouldn't come to this, but if you still don't see anything, try force-quitting Lightbow by double-pressing the Home button on your iPhone or iPad, and sliding up on Lightbow's screen. Then, relaunch Lightbow and see if your devices are still missing, please let us know and we'll do our best to figure out your exact issue.

Every network setup is slightly different and there are various reasons why things can fail. Belkin devices use something called UPnP (short for "Universal Plug and Play") which is an ancient industry standard that should work most of the time. If your WeMo devices don't show up in the free WeMo app, there's a good chance Lightbow won't be able to find them either, so if you've set up any sort of advanced bridging, firewalls, or port blocking, something might be blocking UPnP.

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