Loading Presets from the Starter Pack

To load Presets from the Starter Pack, first tap the "Presets" tab in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Then tap once on the Starter Pack folder to open it. Each row, with colored circles on the left and a name on the right, represents a different Preset. The Starter Pack includes several basic Presets which demonstrate the tools Lightbow provides to create different looks and effects. 

To select which lights you want to use for a Preset, tap on the row at the top of the folder called "Assigned Lights." Lightbow will show you a list of every light available to you. Tap on a light and a blue check mark will appear; this light will now be part of the chosen preset. Tap again to toggle back to no check mark to leave a light out of the Preset. You'll notice you can select individual lights or whole groups at once.

Once you've selected which lights you want to use, click "Starter Pack" in the upper-left corner of your screen to return to the list of Presets. Then simply click on any row to activate that preset.

Presets that contain effects will appear with a blue "Play" arrow on the right side of their rows. When those Presets are activated, the "Play" icon will turn into a "Stop" icon. Tap it once more to stop the Preset from playing. 

Keep in mind that some Presets are absolute, and will appear the same no matter what state the lights were in before. Other Presets are relative, such as "Dim to 30% Brightness," and will adjust the brightness of the lights while preserving whatever hues and saturations they were set to before you selected the Preset.

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