Automatic vs. Manual Light/Group Assignments

Lightbow can either handle your light assignments automatically, or give you full manual control—whatever you feel is best for each preset you create. With manual control, you specify exactly which lights and groups are assigned to which color/white/loop/etc commands (represented by all those circles in the preset editor). With automatic assignments, you simply indicate which lights you want to use from your setup, and Lightbow distributes those lights evenly across the assignment circles in that preset.

To toggle between manual and automatic (on a preset-by-preset basis) just tap the Gear menu to the right of the assignment circles: 

When "Assign Lights Automatically" is off, you are presented with a few handy shortcuts to manage your assignments manually. Use "Clear All Assignments" if you'd like to choose which lights go with which colors from scratch. Use "Assign Unused Lights" if you'd like to make sure all your lights are accounted for in one of the assignments in this preset.

Flipping on "Assign Lights Automatically" will change the panel to show a row where you can specify which lights to assign automatically. In this example, it shows "4" because four lights are chosen, but you can tap the row and add/remove as many as you'd like. If you deselect everything in the list, it will assume you want all lights, and show "All Lights" instead of a number in that row.

If this sounds familiar, it's because "Assign Lights Automatically" is the behavior you get for any of your purchased preset collections on the "Browse" tab. Lots of users were requesting the simple and automatic option for their own presets, so here it is!

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